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Engage your customers with online chat.

A Chat button can be added to any page of your website and stocklist, allowing customers to interact with you in real-time.

Engage and interact with visitors to your website with invitations like:

Can I be of assistance?

Can I help you?

Are you looking for something specific?

Simply install the software onto your PC giving you the ability to manage conversations and enquiries from your customers in a similar manner to most popular instant messaging applications. It also allows your customers to leave a message if you are unavailable or out of hours.

• Proven, reliable and robust, managing high volumes of simultaneous conversations.

• Truly flexible and scalable, whether you are a small business or an international company.

• The solution has been designed for quick and simple implementation into any size organisation. All that is required is a PC with internet connection.

• 100% customisable. All aspects of this solution can be easily configured to meet your business needs.