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Just because you can view your car dealership website on a mobile phone doesn’t mean it's mobile friendly!

Virtual-Showroom now offers "responsive" websites and "mobile-enabled" websites as part of our total solution.

Conversion rates are normally very low when consumers visit conventional websites via their mobile phones. Yet with a mobile-enabled Website these visitors convert at an equivalent rate.

With Virtual-Showroom you can have a mobile solution to ensure that your website is tailored to not only look good, but work effectively and efficiently on these devices.

Click-to-call, click-to-find, and phone-friendly enquiry forms will encourage more customers to contact your business while on the move.

"Responsive" websites use cutting-edge design methods and technology to adapt themselves to the device being used to browse them. Making sure your site is configured to be effective on any device.

Your car dealership's website's content, navigation and stocklist will reorganise itself to not only look its best on the viewing device, but also still be easy to navigate, including swipe navigation features on slideshows and the ability to view vehicle images full screen and more.

Having a responsive website removes the need to maintain 2 separate websites, one designed for a PC, the other for a mobile device, meaning that your website's content, stock and offers will always be up to date and available on any device.

"Mobile-enabled" websites will automatically detect what environment each visitor is using to access your car dealership website, then display it in the format best for that device. That could be an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Andriod, etc.

A traditional website, that’s not mobile-enabled, when accessed using a smart phone is very difficult to read unless you zoom in and scroll left to right to see all the content on the page. With a mobile-enabled website, the navigation and content is reorganized so that it fits the browser window for the device used, and the pages are made “lighter” so they download quickly.