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Social Media, the fastest-growing advertising medium in history!

Virtual-Showroom provides a leading-edge Facebook product for car dealers, incorporating much of your website's functionality directly into Facebook.

We integrate Social Networking into your website and stocklist.

Our packages incorporate the options to share your website on Social Networking sites.

From within your stocklist, customers can post a vehicle on their Facebook or Twitter pages complete with images and links to your website.

We can integrate your entire stocklist within your Facebook business page, together with enquiry forms and location maps.

Business of every type and size should use Social Media as part of their internet strategy. Reach out to your customers, their friends and families, with information and offers, driving incremental traffic to your website.

Social Media is increasingly used as an effective and unique communication channel, and should be recognised as part of the bigger marketing picture.

Virtual-Showroom recommends that companies establish and grow local links within the communities that they operate.

Virtual-Showroom will build a series of Facebook pages, most of which will be self-populating. The news feed can be managed by your own team, or by Virtual-Showroom.

• Welcome page

• News feed

• Stocklist with full stock search

• Location map and driving directions

• Special offer pages

• Contact forms